Thursday, June 01, 2006

Playing Catch Up

There were all sorts of things that I wanted to post yesterday, but in my rush to do something (besides crawling around the neighbor's yard taking pictures of the scarf) I completely forgot about them. And others have cropped up since. 1. Go read this awesome pattern from the Yarn Harlot, you'll have to scroll down a bit. Go ahead, I'll wait for you to come back. 2. Thanks for all of the lovely comments on the overdyeing. A lot of the varying intensities came from the fact that the yarn was already variegated, white, gray and dark gray to begin with. What did surprise me is that even though I thought I mixed the Kool-Aide colors together pretty well, I still had a spottiness to the color which is what I had hoped for. So, some of it came out all black cherry-ish and other parts are a deep purple hue and still others are a faint pink or purple. 3. What you can't see in the picture from the other day is that I cast-on as soon as it was no longer dripping wet dry enough to wind into a ball. I am planning yet another felted hat out of it, mostly because I don't know what else to do with a thick and thin yarn like this (please talk me out of it if I have to have some of this again!) and the yardage is about right. Let's not talk about the 3 remaining skeins in 3 different colors I have in the stash approximately 100 yds each. I am open to suggestions because another garter stitch scarf may cause irreparable brain damage. 4. However, I did not test felt this yarn. I know that the knitting goddess/fairy/imp will strike me down for this. In my defense, I know it will felt because I mucked around with it a bit much on the first dyeing go-round and the fibers aren't quite as "lofty" in the unspun areas as they used to be. *cough* While I thought that the VPH was laughablely large ginormous, this thing is a behemouth! I cast on the same size and am using larger needles, so it make sense that it is larger, but I didn't envision being able to fit a regulation basketball in it. 5. Last night I decided to put all of the stuff for the craft fair in November in one spot and realized that I already have four things in there and several others are planned. Woo hoo. 6. Unfortunately, during this brief foray into my knitting basket corner I also discovered that lace does not knit itself, nor have the knitting fairies deigned to knit it for me.


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