Monday, May 08, 2006

Knitting Content at Last

This is going to be short and sweet. I sucked it up and have almost finished the second Jaywalker. I just need to finish the toe decreases and weave in the loose ends. All of this was enabled by Caleb wanting to spend several hours at the local playground on Sunday. Thank goodness for sock knitting at the park. I don't know how other mom's do it. I can't just sit there. Instead, I cranked out a good 2" on the foot. I will have this bad boy (girl?) done tomorrow and ready to mail off to Mom next week after they get washed. A girl has to model her conquests, right? Thanks for the great responses to my last post. It was not intended to be a diatribe, begging for more comments, but thanks for leaving them. I promise that I will have more knitting content and pictures in the next few days.


Anonymous Imbrium said...

Congratulations on the progress!

There are so may circumstances where knitting has saved me from sitting idle, or flipping through a magazine I'm not interested in. I don't mind the fact that my doctor is never on time, if it means more time to sit in the waiting room and knit. How did I ever survive without it?

5/09/2006 12:53:00 PM  

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