Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ribbit goes the tank

I was doing so well with the cute little tank. I was going to be a good little knitter Knitter and do it in pieces and seam it. I was going to follow the directions. I even swatched. But through the mysteries of swatching these well-laid plans were derailed. I knew I wasn't getting gauge. I figured that if I went down a size that it should be pretty close. That was a minor misjudgement. I was hoping that the front would come out to be about 15.5 inches at the waist. I wasn't off by just a little bit. It came in at a whopping 18+ inches. So, this

quickly became this.

I have made good progress on the newest pair of socks. Then, I made the critical error of trying to fit it over my cankles. No go.

Here is the revised progress. I had to purchase needles that are 2.5mm which I didn't have. These seem to be working much better for the yarn.

On the yarn saga front, I think it finally all resolved. Last Friday, I snuck out of work a bit early and drove across town to exchange the skein of the KPPPM for another one. I had 2 skeins being held so there was no danger of not getting the 2 skeins (my luck held on this one). I explained the situation to the clerks who where a bit stunned. I asked that they wind the 2 skeins and while they dragged their feet a bit, the did wind them for me. Somehow in the confusion of leaving I didn't pay for the second skein that they were holding me. I managed to come out on top of the deal which thrilled me, it shorted the store, which didn't break my heart and now I know I have enough to knit the socks.


Blogger Sharon said...

As hard as it is I prefer to frog than keep going and being disappointed with the end result:(

Ahh another sock knitter with cankles, join the club. I always use 2.5mm for my socks.

7/04/2006 06:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a similar thing happen. I bought sock yarn at a store and after 2 years my check was never cashed.

7/07/2006 08:42:00 PM  

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