Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to everyone in Blogland. Here Chez Knitter, the adults are not celebrating as Eric is embroiled in learning all about acid neutralizers and blockers - scintillating dinner conversation to be sure. Caleb, however, celebrated in grand style at school today with my not so crafty contribution to his potluck. Look closely at picture number 2. Notice anything a bit funny? I hadn't until I had most of the darn things on the cupcakes. While I love just about everything about Latin America, I was taken aback to see that the candy hearts were in Spanish. (I majored in Portuguese in college, and studied Spanish extensively.) I thought it was hysterical that I sent his cupcakes to school with Spanish language candy hearts on them. No real progress on the Olympic hat. Right now it is in about the same state it was in before I ripped it out the other night. Feel free to scroll down and see what it looked in yesterday's post. I did find this cute link on the Knitting Curmudgeon's blog. Only having 8 characters can be limiting...

Tonight is Knitting at Starbucks - whoo hoo - I might actually get something done on the darn hat.


Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

LOL! oh man, I've never seen spanish candy hearts... that's great.

Thanks for the candy heart link! too fun!

2/17/2006 04:52:00 PM  

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