Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitter Down

Hopefully not for the count. This weekend Bubba decided to climb over me while I was kneeling on the living room floor. Meaning, he stood behind me, and climbed over my shoulders. Of course I lost my balance and caught myself with my bad wrist. Now, it hursts to do anything with that hand at all, knit, type, what have you. Here's hoping that a few days off will help. The back story on my wrist is that I simply knit too much and I have a desk job with lots of computer use. I think it is simply a repetetive stress type injury and if I were to stop knitting - as if - then it would get better. Icing it last night and not knitting helped a bit, so I am hoping that if I take it easy that I will be able to do the KO. Musicknitter asked about Blaze. I am using Plymouth Yarn's Suri Merino which is 55% Suri Alpaca, 45% Extra Fine Merino and 100% heaven. I am knitting it up on size 4's, but am getting the same gauge. I think it is the difference in the yarns. Like most Knitty patterns, this one is very well written. I haven't seen any errors yet. The cable pattern is very easy to memorize and every even round is a knit 'em as you see 'em round. That said, I have zigged when I should have zagged more times than I can count and with this pattern, the result is tinking back. I find it too hard to keep my place when I pull the needles out and rip back completely. By this point though I am looking forward to the endless stockinette of the Magpie sweater. I have unofficially joined the stashalong. Unofficially because I started the blog after the closing date for the -along, however, I am offically on a yarn diet. This was spurred by a few too many Stash Enhancement eXpeditions. Who can argue with Shaefer's Little Lola (which in my head I keep calling Lolita) at 50% off? This colorway is called Snoopy's Crayons and became Mom's socks. I will put a picture of them up after I visit the folks this weekend. I loved knitting Lola and can't wait to start the next pair of socks with this yarn.


Blogger Stacey said...

What a great color! I have been eyeing that yarn for some time and hopefully will get to try it soon. Looking forward to seeing the completed socks!

2/08/2006 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping my blog! The sock yarn is from my friend Rose. Her blog is:


And she sells her yarn on Etsy:


It is 100% merino, fingering weight, handwashable. If you click on the yarn at her Etsy site it will take you to the page with a larger pic and yarn description. You can leave a comment on her blog or email her if you have more questions. It feels and looks wonderful! I can't wait until my knitting olympic project is done and I can cast on some socks with it.

2/08/2006 04:53:00 PM  

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