Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is the scarf that Kris knit

Looking back through my knitting notes, I realized that the scarf that I am going to base Eric's new hat on was knit in 2001. Today I was looking it over to just confirm the pattern when I realized that he had worn a hole in the garter stitch edge. Unfortunately, it had already run for several rows so it was a pain to darn and not all that pretty either. But, I think it will hold. This picture shows the color pretty well. This one shows the cables. It is done over a K2P2 rib so that it is reversable. This is the yarn that I will be using for the KO to make the hat that almost matches. Because of the tendonitis, I haven't swatched yet, but we'll see how it goes. I think the challenge will be the decreases to keep the ribbing as intact as possible. I am traveling to visit my parents this weekend and see the sock yarn that my mom got. It's normal to travel with a bag of yarn and a full compliments of needles, both circulars and dpns, right? I mean, who knows if I will just have to cast on for a pair of socks and I will need to have the correct dpns. Since I haven't swatched the hat, I have to bring all of the needles to match that wool also. I don't see any problems with how I am packing. Although, it's good that Eric isn't coming with Caleb and me, he would need his own bag.


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