Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blazing away *cough, cough*

I am still recovering from viral bronchitis. Blech - I highly recommending catching the bacterial version. At least then you can get antibiotics instead of festering in your misery. This has kept me pretty under the weather - I missed 3 days of work last week, not my idea of smart. However, this weekend, I got caught up on laundry. Here is the evidence - my empty hamper. I'm not sure what is worse. The fact that I had to take a picture of this rare phenomenon, that I'm blogging about it, that it was the highlight of my day or that it only lasted about 10 minutes. I don't think it really matters - it's pretty pathetic all the way around.

The plus side to being ill, is that once I was feeling a bit better I got some knitting done on Blaze. Here she is with both sleeves attached.

It was interesting joining the sleeves on this sweater because the circs that I am using (Crystal Palace - love them) have a fairly long needle and it was tight going around the sleeves without putting too much tension on the joins in the sweater. Now that I am a couple of inches beyond that it is much better.

I was too lazy to find a braidkin and spare yarn thinking ahead and decided to use some spare circs as my stitch holders under the arms. We'll see how that works in the end. I am NOT looking forward to grafting ribbing. Grafting is not something I do well. I invariably end up with one purl looking stitch - but I don't know how it happens. Each and every time I had to graft, I drag out The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fey because her directions make the most sense to me. I follow them meticulously. And yet - the purl bump appears. I may just have to take this sweater to a master for this - hopefully one of the ladies at the LYS will be able to help.

There has to be someone out there who can graft ribbing without it looking like a rank amateur did it.




Anonymous marisa said...

Wow, Blaze sure is looking good! Grafting? *looks about frantically for nearest exit* Good luck with that.

BTW, I'm really jealous that your laundry organizer is empty. I think there are some socks in mine that have been there for over a year now. Obviously they are not hand knit socks ;)

3/20/2006 08:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Pink Dandelion said...

oh man I once kitchenered (is that a word? *L*) the ends of a pair of socks, the first one came out with with the purl on top, rather than bothering to undo it I tried to get the same thing to happen again and it came out how it should with the knit stitch on top. o_0 Not sure how that happened.

So - in short - I'm NOT the person to ask LOL

3/21/2006 01:45:00 PM  

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