Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the black hole of knitting

It really does exist. I have been diligently knitting away on Blaze. Yet no matter, how many hours, how many stitches I knit, it does not get any longer. Okay - I was going to try and show 2 different shots of Blaze that look almost the same, but Blogger won't upload my pics. So, here is a link to the shot from today. Compared to the shot from the other day, you can also just scroll down for the second picture. I'm not thrilled. I have knit for hours and gotten nowhere. Remind me why I like knitting again? Since the darn thing is in the round, I'm just going in circles, literally and figuratively. Bah. Add to it that the sweater is much heavier than I expected. I have visions of it sagging right off my shoulders when I wear it. I'm a bit nervous, but I put so much time into it that I don't want to quit now. The masive projects at work are still sucking up my knitting time. I have also realized that I am not going to have enough yarn to finish the Jaywalkers. Right now, my plan is to try and find some matching yarn to do the heels and toes. Hopefully it will work, otherwise, I will be ripping them out and doing them toe up. Here's hoping I find something close. Anyone have a ball of bright yellow sock yarn to spare?


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