Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's your favorite game?

Mine apparently has become "Where the fuck did I leave my car?" Every night I walk out of work and can't remember where I parked. Granted, the parking lot at work is larger than the parking lot at my supermarket, however, I park in the same row every day just to make life less uncertain. Today as I left work I couldn't remember where I parked and had to stop and look around. Makes me wish I had one of those fancy alarm key fob thingies so I could beep the damn thing and find out where it was. But that would take away the charm of the game. It would also seem that my other favorite game has become, "what is the most creative punishment for a 3 year old that isn't cruel and won't land me in jail". Caleb had developed a sassy attitude that rivals most teenagers. Sunday's outburst netted him a 30 minute timeout in his room. Tonight, he was in bed a full 45 minutes early. Give me the terrible two's any day. Nothing new on the knitting front. I am still working on the shawl and have put the tank into a temporary time out. I picked up some yarn on clearance at Joann's last week to knit up into simple hats and scarf sets to sell at the craft fair. I got the orange, blue and purple. Someone explain to me why I keep buying more yarn at Joann's if I don't like their selection?


Anonymous Kim said...

lol. I just had to say that the parking lot at my work has exactly two rows of parking (35 slots, maybe), perpendicular to each other. I usually park on the west side. But, if for some strange reason, I park on the south side, I will inevitably forget and look like a goon backtracking. :)

8/29/2006 10:39:00 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Girl....where have you been? By looking at your blog it seems you've been very, very busy. Hopefully, you can come in for a quick coffee some Tuesday night. About parking your car.......I hve this problem at the Panera/Noodles parking lot here in the falls. It doesn't matter where I park....I never can find my car.....I get all turned around for some reason. Here's the solution to your problem....go to walmart and get one of those things that goes on top of your antenna! Make it obnoxious enough so you'll see your car! See you soon!

8/30/2006 09:34:00 AM  

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